You’ve got this… aura about you.

So I used to use Power Auras back in Cataclysm but then it decided to go kinda wonky when MoP came out.  So I did some looking around and found that several people use WeakAuras.  Now, I used to use a lot of fancy pictures for indicators but honestly, since I switch toons so much, I found that difficult to deal with.  I couldn’t remember what each one meant.  It wasn’t Power Auras fault, just my own, trying to replicate the Blizzard indicators.

So when I started using WeakAuras, I found a site called Sacred Duty.  They had a whole section on auras for Tanking pallys.  Very cool.  I did use them on Saimus but since he doesn’t tank much ever, it wasn’t much help.  But they also had auras for other classes and specs.  So today, when I started playing my rogue again, I decided to throw a few on.  You know what?  It really does make a ton of difference having the indicators where you look.

So some people like their cooldown bars and can use addons like Raven and ForteXorcist.  But what I have found, when you have a big huge icon on your screen saying “HEY IDIOT!  YOUR WATER SHIELD IS NOT ON”, you tend to see that better than a missing buff.  LOL!  Same goes for procs and modifiers like Blade Furry.

If you like making your own custom indicators for things, I suggest checking out WeakAuras.  And if you need some help on getting things setup, check out TouchyMcFeel’s videos on youtube.  And lasting, you can import with WeakAuras too.  So do a little hunting around on the net.  There may be someone who has already setup a few of the important auras your class needs.  Like Sacred Duty did.  :)

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