Upgrades!  Everyone loves them.  New gear is awesome.  But with patch 5.1, Blizzard put in a system that you can upgrade items themselves.  Items of ilevel 458 and higher can be upgraded.

Rare (blue) items can be upgraded with Justice points.  And Epic (purple) items can be upgraded with Valor points.  For the Rares, it’s a one shot deal.  1500 JP’s will get you 8 item levels in one upgrade per piece.  For the Epics, it’s 750 VP’s for a 4 item level upgrade and you can do it twice per item.

So what do you upgrade?  That’s the big question isn’t it.  Well, the basic thought is that you upgrade your highest ilevel pieces first.  Like tier pieces you may have grabbed from a Sha of Anger run or LFR.  Next would be pieces you are not gonna replace soon.  Like if you have Raid Finder shoulders but aren’t doing normal raids that drop shoulders.  Weapons and trinkets are also normally good choices.

But what is best?  What gives the most bang for your buck?  Convert to Raid recently mentioned WoWupgrade.com.  It only works for dps (sorry healers and tanks) but you can get the basic idea.  It gives a number for each upgrade.  Letting you see what upgrade will help you most.  Some people may still be storing up VP’s for purchasing upgrades, but if you still have a blue or two and have extra JP’s from running instances, this can be a good way to spend them.  Or if you are lucky enough to have purchased all of your VP gear that you need, this will keep that gear progressing.

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