Say Cheese!

Yesterday I made cheese for the first time.  It was not a super long process but it did take some work.  So while I was doing this, I was not playing WoW.  In fact, I did not play it much at all yesterday.  And that got me thinking…

Our characters in WoW are reflections of ourselves.  It’s who we are and what we like to do.  There is so much to do in WoW and I could easily fill a day with just playing WoW.  But making a New Year’s Resolution to spend more time with my wife and to help more around the house has got me thinking.  What are my priorities in WoW?  And what do I like to do for “fun”?

Farming – this is a big one for me. (Check out the Farmville post if you want more info.)  I love the “Christmas” feel of walking onto your farm and seeing how many Golden Lotus have spawned from the crops you planted.  I’m probably averaging about 5-6 a day over my three toons that I have planting crops.  But I have seen as little as 1 and as high as 11.  I try to get on each day just to do my crops.

As a side note, Mysteiria just hit max rep with Nomi yesterday (from her Cooking School Bell) so now she can get a free Iron Paw Token every day.  Eventually, she will have a full set of cooking gear.

Valor Points – I try to cap at least one toon each week in VP’s.  Capping Valor Points each week gives you a buff.  This is really nice for my alts to get a little extra.  The catch is that most times I can’t cap until the weekend so I miss a lot of the extra VP’s.  It’s also a matter of which toon do I cap on?  If I cap Myst, then I get nothing extra from our Sunday night raids when I kill a boss.  If I cap Cyndir, then eventually, I will have a toon with nothing really to spend VP’s on.  Or…  I can cap whatever my most recent 90 is and then play my other toons.

Right now I’ve been capping Cyndir because he is such a blast to play.  And if I get more confident in his tanking, it will go even faster with the bonus of possible pets and mounts.  But Grayghost is coming up in levels and soon, I will be running Scenarios and Instances on him for gear and VP’s.

LFR – I know a lot of people who don’t like LFR.  And it has it’s moments when it feels like a grind.  It can be challenging when you don’t know the fights or have others that just can’t seem to do them.  But it can be rewarding too.  The gear is nice and the fights are pretty cool.  But again, it comes down to time.  I have 2 toons that are LFR ready.  Cyndir and Myst.  Myst is pretty well geared.  She could use a couple pieces from LFR, mostly more tier pieces, but she does not need much.  Cyndir could always use more gear and I do think he is more fun to play.  But can I devote hours of LFR time to him when he is not my “main”?

Raiding – We raid twice a week for two hours a night.  It doesn’t seem like much but it’s fun.  We’re still working on the first two bosses in MV.  I raid on Myst as a healer and so I try to focus on her when I get gear and running LFR.  But, given the option, I would love to sub in with Cyndir for a dps.  He’s a strong dps and can bring some utility to a fight.

Instances and Scenarios – These are fun and go pretty quick.  With having a ranged and melee dps, a healer and a tank, I have a pretty good feel for all of the “heroics” that are currently available at 90.  This makes it fun to do them.  Most times I queue up as dps on Myst or Cyndir and then queue up for a scenario.  This gives me a little extra valor and a chance at a purple piece from the Cache of Treasures.  And it helps to kill the time as you wait for the instance to pop.

Reputation Grinds – These have slowed for me.  I’m not a big collector of vanity items so things like mounts, pets and transmog gear really don’t excite me.  So for Myst, I pushed to get all of her reps to Revered or better so that when 5.1 dropped and the commendations came out for double rep, she could snatch those up right away.  It’s been a huge help in leveling alts.  But honestly, I really don’t worry about those with alts IF they don’t have anything to gain.  Grayghost will work on getting the Leatherworking patterns after he hits 90.  And of course all my toons must have full farms.  LOL!  But other than that, it will be just as I have time.

Auction House – I have two toons that work the AH for me.  Selling all my wares.  This can actually be a major time sink.  It takes a lot of time to post over 1000 glyphs.  LOL!  But the nice thing is that I can do this on a second instance of WOW as I play a main toon.

For now, that’s my activities in WoW.  These suck up the majority of my time spent.  With my resolutions, I will have to prioritize them and be a bit more picky about what I do and do not do.  I could easily play for 8 hours a day, every day and not be bored.  But I don’t want that life.  Get out and make some cheese people.  It’s awesome!

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