Reforging and the pain that it is…

So, if you are like me, you dual spec on most of your toons.  But some of my toons share gear between the specs and I reforge when I change specs.  Yeah, I am one of those crazy people that have bought one of the Grand Expedition Yaks.

To do my reforges I love AskMrRobot.  I could load my character from the armory and have it tweak my toon to hit the best numbers for my main spec.  But then, when I switch to my offspec, things are a bit out of whack.  Like since I focus on my resto spec on my shammy, when I go to elemental, I end up with like a 23% chance to hit with the high amount of spirit I have.

Normally, I would log out in dps spec, load myself in Mr. Robot and then use the Reforge Export option and Reforgerade to switch things around.  Yeah, it can get expensive but I don’t worry about that much.  It worked pretty well though I would have to actually log out of the character and back in.  Which can get time consuming.

So what I found a few days ago was ReforgeLite.  Let me back up a second.  I’m an addon addict.  You’ll probably see a lot of addons get posted here as time goes by.  Most will fill one little niche thing that I want to do and not much else.  I don’t use addon sets and I am sure most people would say my interface is too cluttered, but I like it.  Pick and choose what you want.  That is my motto.  LOL!  Anyways…  ReforgeLite.  This allowed me to do similar to what Mr. Robot does but in the game.  So I could just switch specs and reforge without having to log out and back in all the time.

The other nice thing is that it works for reforges only.  It takes into account the gems and enchants you already have on your gear and works around them.  So I don’t have to “lock down” my gems and enchants in Mr. Robot to force it to not tell me to redo them.  Yeah, I know it’s not optimal to have the spirit/crit gem in a helm as dps.  But those things are expensive to keep swapping out.  For the most part, I have found that if you order the stats the same as they are on Mr. Robot, you come up with the same results.  You can even select between 5 mans and raiding setups.  That nice because of the difference needed on some stats like Hit and Expertise.  If I know I am going to be running 5 mans as dps, I can use some of the extra hit stats to increase my other stats like haste, crit and mastery.

And best of all, I don’t have to think to hard!  Always a good thing.


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