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Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

So I have been trying to stream our raid nights and other playing that I do.  You can catch me on at Noodlez Noggin.  You can also find our YouTube channel at The Mirage Guild.

I don’t often look at chat but you can always message me or leave a comment here.

Take a chill pill…

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

So I finally capped my Monk at 90 by going Windwalker the whole way.  I’ve saved gear and such along the way to have a Mistweaver spec but other than a few random incidents and some BG’s at low level, I haven’t tried to heal much.

Now, for me at least, the monk basics are pretty easy.  You do you Jab to generate some chi.  Then Tiger Palm to get the ignore armor buff going.  And lastly Rising Sun Kick to put an increased damage debuff on mobs.  If it’s one mob, you rotate between Jab’s and Blackout Kicks until they are dead, keeping buffs up if they drop off.  For three or more mobs, you do Spinning Crane Kick, while keeping the Rising Sun Kick and Tiger Palm buffs up.  At two mobs, I am mostly lazy, just doing Spinning Crane Kicks on them too.  Though you should really stick with your single target rotation.  On boss fights I throw in Tigereye BrewTouch of Karma and Xuen as much as I can.

Seems pretty easy right?  Well, doing instances as I leveled and at 90, I am noticing that most of the time, I top the charts.  It’s not a hard thing to do.  I have run into a couple of instances where dps’ers were kicked because they were not “performing” to what the other players expectations were.  At first I tried to defend them.  Thinking that maybe they were new players or new to the spec/class.  Maybe they had chosen not to research their class as I often do to find a decent rotation.  Maybe they were just lazy.  I am sure a few were in there to do the bare minimum to get through and get their justice/valor points.

But after awhile, I started to wonder to myself.  “Why would you consciously play a game in which you were not playing to the best of your ability?”  Isn’t that just wasting your own time?  Why would you not research your class a little to get better?  I honestly feel that those who play to the best of their ability, will get more out of the game overall.  Notice I said “to the best of THEIR ability”.  Not everyone is an uber player.  And not every class can top the charts all the time.  Sometimes your gear is holding you back.  Sometimes it’s play style.  But knowing the best way to play your class will make you feel better when you play it.  Even if it’s not perfect, you will see marked improvement with some simple spell rotation changes and fight awareness.

So in an effort to help readers out there, I’d like to link a few good resources to help you get a little better.

Noxxic – Basic class breakdowns
Icy-Veins – Similar to Noxxic but a little more in depth
Preach Gaming (And his Twitch and Youtube channels) – Full class reviews and EXCELLENT workshops.
Healiocentric – Healing focused blog
SacredDuty – Pally focused blog

If you have others, leave them me a comment and I’ll add them to the list.  Helping others get better is one of the easiest ways to get some more fun out of this game.