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Friday, December 14th, 2012

So once I hit level 90, the first thing I do is start doing my Tiller dailies.  Even if all the other dailies get pushed aside, I do those until I hit exalted.  Before 5.1, I farmed the Songbell seeds almsot exclusively at revered.  This gave me quite a few Motes of Harmony.  I could then turn 10 of those motes into a Spirit of Harmony and purchase 3 Golden Lotus.

Why Golden Lotus you ask?  Well, being a good raider, I tried to supply mats that were needed for the flasks I used during raid. We raid twice a week and I use about 2 flasks a night.  So I would need 4 Golden Lotus a week.  Not to bad.  I farm for 2 days and I could have 9 with the trade in process.

But then they nerfed it with 5.1.  Blizzard changed the exchange rate from 3:1 to 2:1.  Not a big deal.  I would still cover all I used plus add a few to the guild bank for others or alts.  But then I was listening to a podcast (I forget which one, maybe Training Dummies?) and they mentioned about planting Enigma seeds.  That they produced a fair amount of Golden Lotus.

So I tried it and sure enough, I’ve gotten anything from 3 to 8 Golden Lotus in one full planting.  So right now, I am pulling about 5 to 6 on average per toon.  That’s more than the “3.2” I could get with a days planting of Songbell seeds.  So I am back up to being able to feed the guild bank nicely and have quite a few spares.

But this morning I had a “shower thought”.  What if I took those extra Golden Lotus and used them to transmute gems?  For instance, I can transmute a Tiger Opal into a Vermilion Onyx.  I can use those gems for cutting ones we needed OR…  I can use them for research on my Jewelcrafter.  With the research being random, there are still a lot of gem cuts I have left to learn that are useful.  So I have started to switch my focus around to that.  It’s cheaper than feeding Spirits of Harmony to my Jewelcrafter to learn random patterns.

So if you are doing the farming “mini-game” keep that in mind for ways to help your guild or to make a little cash in your pocket.  Since the uncut gems, at least on Feathermoon, sell for more than the Golden Lotus do.