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Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

So I have been trying to stream our raid nights and other playing that I do.  You can catch me on at Noodlez Noggin.  You can also find our YouTube channel at The Mirage Guild.

I don’t often look at chat but you can always message me or leave a comment here.

It’s been awhile…

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

I did not realize how long it’s been since I made a post.  Boy time has flown by.

So As of right now, I have nine level 90 toons.  Mysteiria (shaman), Punda (monk), Saimus (pally), Leucis (druid), Noodlez (lock), Cyndir (dk), Grayghost (rogue), Aalexa (hunter) and most recently Nouillez (priest).  That’s a lot of 90’s.  It gives me an interesting perspective of the game and it’s many facets though.

For instance,  nine toons with nine farms can be a lot of herbs/resources.  It normally takes about 3 days to cap my rep out enough to get my full farm.  You do have to “preplant” some veggies to help keep things moving.  The order is 1-Scallion, 2-carrots, 3-green cabbage, 3-witchberries and 4-striped melons.  If you plant them ahead of time as you have space, you can harvest and replant as needed for the quest line.  It keeps things moving without having to wait the day for them to grow.  Also, as you level, if you do instances and mark the Tiller rep as the bonus rep, you can usually get to honored before you even hit 90.  So that gives you a nice jump in the rep.

So what else has come out…  oh yeah, the Timeless Isle.  The quickest way to gear up your toons ever.  I had so much timeless gear coming in, I made a character just to hold all of it.  Though it can be disenchanted for crystals, the downside is that my enchanter can only make the shadow items.  But it’s still a decent amount of crystals coming in.  With all of the cloth items I had saved up, when Nouillez hit 90, she was bumped up to a 495 ilevel with just a couple mailed items.  That makes her eligible for MV, HoF and ToT LFR’s.  (She has an inscription BoA weapon).  And with just a little more gear, she will be SoO LFR capable.  The down side is that her stats are pretty bad with this gear.  It’s not the best but it makes her playable.

Flex raids!  I love them.  I love the ability to pop in and out of them as needed.  If we have 10 people great, if we have 15 people, that’s awesome too.  No one has to sit on the bench.  Some one comes on late or has to leave early, no problem.  My biggest problem is who to bring.  That’s a nice problem to have.

BLIZZCON!  Yep, just happened this past weekend.  I am excited for the new expansion.  The poster I got of Garrosh is now hanging in my office.

Things I am most excited for…  Garrison.  This will be awesome.  I loved Ultima Online player housing and Star Wars Galaxies had some awesome player run cities.  This is almost a combo of both.  I wonder how far they will take this?  Will they let us display our legendary items?  Will we have access to it from the web/mobile app?  How long will it take to grow?

Boost to 90!  Though I will most likely have at least one of every class at 90 by the time the expansion hits, it will be cool to be able to boost another toon.  I’ll most likely boost a horde side to see that storyline.  And get some achievements over there too.

Quality of life changes.  Things like a true heirloom item page accessible by all characters.  A toy storage and quest item page.  Item squish.  And stat simplification.  It should be interesting.  It might seem like they are simplifying the game but I think it will make it actually more important to analyze what gear you are getting and how it affects your gameplay.

It’s an exciting time to be an altaholic in WoW.  :)