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Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Upgrades!  Everyone loves them.  New gear is awesome.  But with patch 5.1, Blizzard put in a system that you can upgrade items themselves.  Items of ilevel 458 and higher can be upgraded.

Rare (blue) items can be upgraded with Justice points.  And Epic (purple) items can be upgraded with Valor points.  For the Rares, it’s a one shot deal.  1500 JP’s will get you 8 item levels in one upgrade per piece.  For the Epics, it’s 750 VP’s for a 4 item level upgrade and you can do it twice per item.

So what do you upgrade?  That’s the big question isn’t it.  Well, the basic thought is that you upgrade your highest ilevel pieces first.  Like tier pieces you may have grabbed from a Sha of Anger run or LFR.  Next would be pieces you are not gonna replace soon.  Like if you have Raid Finder shoulders but aren’t doing normal raids that drop shoulders.  Weapons and trinkets are also normally good choices.

But what is best?  What gives the most bang for your buck?  Convert to Raid recently mentioned  It only works for dps (sorry healers and tanks) but you can get the basic idea.  It gives a number for each upgrade.  Letting you see what upgrade will help you most.  Some people may still be storing up VP’s for purchasing upgrades, but if you still have a blue or two and have extra JP’s from running instances, this can be a good way to spend them.  Or if you are lucky enough to have purchased all of your VP gear that you need, this will keep that gear progressing.

You’ve got this… aura about you.

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

So I used to use Power Auras back in Cataclysm but then it decided to go kinda wonky when MoP came out.  So I did some looking around and found that several people use WeakAuras.  Now, I used to use a lot of fancy pictures for indicators but honestly, since I switch toons so much, I found that difficult to deal with.  I couldn’t remember what each one meant.  It wasn’t Power Auras fault, just my own, trying to replicate the Blizzard indicators.

So when I started using WeakAuras, I found a site called Sacred Duty.  They had a whole section on auras for Tanking pallys.  Very cool.  I did use them on Saimus but since he doesn’t tank much ever, it wasn’t much help.  But they also had auras for other classes and specs.  So today, when I started playing my rogue again, I decided to throw a few on.  You know what?  It really does make a ton of difference having the indicators where you look.

So some people like their cooldown bars and can use addons like Raven and ForteXorcist.  But what I have found, when you have a big huge icon on your screen saying “HEY IDIOT!  YOUR WATER SHIELD IS NOT ON”, you tend to see that better than a missing buff.  LOL!  Same goes for procs and modifiers like Blade Furry.

If you like making your own custom indicators for things, I suggest checking out WeakAuras.  And if you need some help on getting things setup, check out TouchyMcFeel’s videos on youtube.  And lasting, you can import with WeakAuras too.  So do a little hunting around on the net.  There may be someone who has already setup a few of the important auras your class needs.  Like Sacred Duty did.  :)

Reforging and the pain that it is…

Friday, December 14th, 2012

So, if you are like me, you dual spec on most of your toons.  But some of my toons share gear between the specs and I reforge when I change specs.  Yeah, I am one of those crazy people that have bought one of the Grand Expedition Yaks.

To do my reforges I love AskMrRobot.  I could load my character from the armory and have it tweak my toon to hit the best numbers for my main spec.  But then, when I switch to my offspec, things are a bit out of whack.  Like since I focus on my resto spec on my shammy, when I go to elemental, I end up with like a 23% chance to hit with the high amount of spirit I have.

Normally, I would log out in dps spec, load myself in Mr. Robot and then use the Reforge Export option and Reforgerade to switch things around.  Yeah, it can get expensive but I don’t worry about that much.  It worked pretty well though I would have to actually log out of the character and back in.  Which can get time consuming.

So what I found a few days ago was ReforgeLite.  Let me back up a second.  I’m an addon addict.  You’ll probably see a lot of addons get posted here as time goes by.  Most will fill one little niche thing that I want to do and not much else.  I don’t use addon sets and I am sure most people would say my interface is too cluttered, but I like it.  Pick and choose what you want.  That is my motto.  LOL!  Anyways…  ReforgeLite.  This allowed me to do similar to what Mr. Robot does but in the game.  So I could just switch specs and reforge without having to log out and back in all the time.

The other nice thing is that it works for reforges only.  It takes into account the gems and enchants you already have on your gear and works around them.  So I don’t have to “lock down” my gems and enchants in Mr. Robot to force it to not tell me to redo them.  Yeah, I know it’s not optimal to have the spirit/crit gem in a helm as dps.  But those things are expensive to keep swapping out.  For the most part, I have found that if you order the stats the same as they are on Mr. Robot, you come up with the same results.  You can even select between 5 mans and raiding setups.  That nice because of the difference needed on some stats like Hit and Expertise.  If I know I am going to be running 5 mans as dps, I can use some of the extra hit stats to increase my other stats like haste, crit and mastery.

And best of all, I don’t have to think to hard!  Always a good thing.


Friday, December 14th, 2012

So once I hit level 90, the first thing I do is start doing my Tiller dailies.  Even if all the other dailies get pushed aside, I do those until I hit exalted.  Before 5.1, I farmed the Songbell seeds almsot exclusively at revered.  This gave me quite a few Motes of Harmony.  I could then turn 10 of those motes into a Spirit of Harmony and purchase 3 Golden Lotus.

Why Golden Lotus you ask?  Well, being a good raider, I tried to supply mats that were needed for the flasks I used during raid. We raid twice a week and I use about 2 flasks a night.  So I would need 4 Golden Lotus a week.  Not to bad.  I farm for 2 days and I could have 9 with the trade in process.

But then they nerfed it with 5.1.  Blizzard changed the exchange rate from 3:1 to 2:1.  Not a big deal.  I would still cover all I used plus add a few to the guild bank for others or alts.  But then I was listening to a podcast (I forget which one, maybe Training Dummies?) and they mentioned about planting Enigma seeds.  That they produced a fair amount of Golden Lotus.

So I tried it and sure enough, I’ve gotten anything from 3 to 8 Golden Lotus in one full planting.  So right now, I am pulling about 5 to 6 on average per toon.  That’s more than the “3.2” I could get with a days planting of Songbell seeds.  So I am back up to being able to feed the guild bank nicely and have quite a few spares.

But this morning I had a “shower thought”.  What if I took those extra Golden Lotus and used them to transmute gems?  For instance, I can transmute a Tiger Opal into a Vermilion Onyx.  I can use those gems for cutting ones we needed OR…  I can use them for research on my Jewelcrafter.  With the research being random, there are still a lot of gem cuts I have left to learn that are useful.  So I have started to switch my focus around to that.  It’s cheaper than feeding Spirits of Harmony to my Jewelcrafter to learn random patterns.

So if you are doing the farming “mini-game” keep that in mind for ways to help your guild or to make a little cash in your pocket.  Since the uncut gems, at least on Feathermoon, sell for more than the Golden Lotus do.

Who? What? I’m so confused…

Friday, December 14th, 2012

So who is Noodlez?  Noodlez is a gnomish warlock on the Feathermoon-US server.  Right now he’s sitting at 85 because I have not had time to level him up.  Other toons have taken my time.  He’s the Guild Master of The Mirage on that server.

So why didn’t I start a blog with one of my other toons names?  Well, I like Noodlez.  I love his name.  It fits him so well.  He’ll probably never be my “main” but he’s the toon I most closely associate with.  Not really sure why.  I just love him.

So who do I play?  Well, right now, I have 3 90’s in my cast of characters and about 6 more waiting to hit 90.  First up is Mysteiria.  She’s my raider.  She’s a elemental/resto shaman.  She’s geared pretty well, and though I have struggled a bit with her, she can hold her own in healing raids.  She’s part of a 10 man raid group but I’ll mention that in a bit.

Next up is Cyndir.  He’s the toon I am having the most fun on.  He’s a Draenei Frost/Blood DK.  Though I have a decent set of gear, up until now, I have not tanked at all with him.  I can probably do it but I enjoy the dps and don’t mind sitting in queue for a bit.  So I dps on him mostly.  Thanks to and his awesome class videos, Cyndir DPS’s “like a baller”.  LOL!  It also helps that it’s only a few cooldowns and an easy rotation.  As well as a nice addon called CLC DK that keeps everything I need to see centralized.

Lastly is Saimus.  Saimus is a human pally.  Everyone has to have one right?  He’s ret/prot though he doesn’t get much action.  I have a similar addon for him but he’s just not as much fun to play.  Too many things to track and too many buttons to push.  He farms and collects my herbs until I send them over to my scribe or alchemist.

So who else do I have waiting “in the mists”?  LOL!  I like that.  Oh yeah, I make TERRIBLE puns.  My guild actually suggested I make a Panda named “Punda” because my puns are so bad.  Let’s see, next up will probably be GrayGhost.  He’s my leatherworker and we need someone to learn patterns in the guild.  He’s a worgen rogue.  Then there is Leucis.  He’s my alchemist.  He’s a worgen druid (boom/resto).  Mailee is also a druid.  She’s a feral/guardian druid.  Yeah, her name is a play on words too.  When people would say “stack with melee”, I always heard “stack with Mailee”.  There is Nouillez (which is french for Noodlez).  She’s my gnomish priest.  Mostly shadow but she does have a disc spec.  She’s my enchantress/engineer.  Of course there is Noodlez.  He’s a tailor/engineer.  He’s a gnomish warlock.  And lastly is Aalexa.  She’s a draenei hunter.  Currently she’s sitting on a BM spec but that may change as I play her.  Oh, and Punda is just out of the starting area.  The plan for her was a mistweaver/windwalker monk.  But she gets almost no play time either.

Why so many toons?  Well, I like to be as self-sufficient as possible.  Make my own stuff.  Gather my own stuff.  Spend my own cash.  Yeah, I am GM of a pretty cool guild but it’s just how I play.  I’ve carried that feeling all the way from my early days in Ultima Online forward.  Help where needed.  Give as needed.  And just do my thing.

Grayce!  You’ll here me mention her from time to time.  She’s my wife IRL.  In game, she’s a human arcane mage.  When we first started dating, I got her into the game.  She thought she would never make it past level 20.  But Grayce and Saimus leveled mostly together.  They made it into the wedding vows.  They showed up on the grooms cake.  And now, she raids along side of me.  She used to only play when I played but she’s branching out.  Recently she has been doing the cooking dailies and now other dailies on her own.  She still runs into stumbling points and can get lost but it’s awesome to see her progressing.

I think that’s enough for now.  Gonna wrap this up and prep to head home.

All Noodlez… and some sauce.

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Welcome to Noodlez Noggin.  This is where I will primarily put ramblings, ideas, tips and musing about WoW and goings on in game.  I’m still getting to know this WordPress thing but hopefully I will get the hang of it quickly.

I will credit where I can if I hear something somewhere else.  But I make no promises.

Oh, one more thing.  This post may change or look weird as I play with new things.  Please just ignore the man behind the curtain.

Inscribed Crane Staff